KCWC day one — a cozy robe

KCWC, kids clothing week challenge, sewing, sewing for boys, bathrobe, sleepwear, toddler, boys fashion, flannel, retro, shawl collar, I actually finished up this robe just prior to the beginning of the challenge.  (Yesterday's sewing time was wholly devoted to a pair of jeans which I'll talk a bit about tomorrow.)

I didn't deviate very much here from the Simplicity 1752 instructions.  I took 4 inches out of the length of the robe overall, but didn't adjust the sleeves -- I thought that the this robe might do for another year if I rolled them up this year.

simplicity 1752, shawl collar, sewing, sewing for boys, sewing for toddlers, kids sewing, kids clothing week challenge, KCWC, flannel, robe

The shawl collar was a little tricky -- I had a little bit of trouble understanding where I was going -- but now that I've done it, I'd make this again.  I love the patch pockets in the front that seem to disappear into the fabric and I like the little loop I added so this robe can be hung.  The pattern suggests sewing the tie to the center back of the robe and at first I thought I would just do belt loops at the side seams, but then it occurred to me that having a tie firmly attached to the robe would be an asset for small children.  I like that it won't come off.

My only regret is that I didn't make long french seams on the sides.  I thought about it, but wound up serging them instead. I wish I'd taken the extra few minutes.

After all the splashing, and playing, and getting hair made into soapy craziness of the bath, we snuggled this little guy into his pyjamas and "slippies," and new robe.

kids clothing week challenge, KCWC, sewing, sewing for boys, sewing for kids, shawl collar, robe, simplicity 1752simplicity 1752, sewing, sewing for boys, toddler, robe, bathrobe, shawl collar, flannelI'm sure I'll be shocked to find out how quickly he outgrows this.

toddler clothes, robe, kids fashion, sewing, sewing for boys, KCWC, kids clothing week challenge, simplicity 1752, robe, bathrobe, sleepwear, flannel

5 thoughts on “KCWC day one — a cozy robe

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  3. Ellen H

    I am sewing this pattern and I have spent hours trying to figure out the shawl collar step 6 and
    wondering if step is in error

    1. Post author

      Hi Ellen! I don't have any of my own notes on this pattern, so I'm not sure what my experience sewing it was like. I do remember that I found it important to mark off the dots, creating the inside corner. The second time through - I made one for my nephew a couple of months later - I didn't have any trouble, so I suspect it was a matter of getting my head around the construction. Here's a pictorial of someone putting together a shawl collar (I think this is the same basic construction). Give it a look and see if it helps.

      1. Kristen

        Hi, I am having the same issue with the shawl collar but with a few extra troubles. I added a hood, and a lining and trying to wrap my head around how to attach them as well as sew the collar correctly. The link you provided is no longer there, do you have any suggestions?


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