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When I packed up all of out diapers and sleep sacs, I found a duvet that I'd packed up when we bought our toddler bed last year.  We hadn't needed it last year because of the sleep sac, but I was glad to find it for this winter.  It just needed a duvet cover to go with it. The toddler room also needed a general update.  No more diapers meant no more need for a change table.  A lot of the things we'd been storing should either come out (winter stuff and more advanced toys) or go away (extra baby blankets and baby toys).   I had plans, too, to "square up" the room a little, by moving the dresser under the window, but that required shortening the floor length curtains I had in there.

So, after some sewing (curtains, duvet cover, pillow case), and a whole morning of sorting and cleaning, our toddler has a room where everything works for the age he's at.

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I love the colours and pattern on that curtain fabric, but I highly recommend that you not do what I did here and purchase outdoor fabric for curtains.  I still think some cushions or other small things might work, but the fact is, the weave is so tight that the sides come out all warp-y and it's a frustrating pain to work with.  I made the original curtains on my old sewing machine and cried many tears of frustration.  I've come a long way since then and these shorter ones are much better finished, but it was still a stupid fabric choice. (Great colour though!)

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When I had the diaper changing station on the dresser, I couldn't do any of these little vignettes.  Handmade toys and books is about the extent of it.  (The reindeer isn't handmade.  I think it's supposed to be a Christmas thing, so consider this room decorated.)

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This is the tiniest bed!  Our neighbours had this bed for their daughter and we bought it from them last year when she moved up to something bigger than crib-sized.  It's nice though -- so easy for the guy to get in and out of -- and it fits right into this little alcove.  This room is only 9.5' x 11' (including the alcove), so every foot of space counts.  And here's my duvet project (and the rest of that sheet).  I obviously love big, abstract, organic florals.  The mobile was given to us at our baby shower and we left it in place when we took down the crib.

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I made the duvet cover by sewing up the sides with french seams and using an envelope closure at the bottom (I maintained the existing hemmed edges of the sheet and gave myself a generous enough envelope that I could simply fold the top edge).  I then stabilized the bottom closure with buttons.  Annoyingly, these buttons had non-standard hole placements and I had to sew them on by hand.  Luckily there were only three of them.

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I did not make this excellent crewel-work piece.  I bought it at a thrift store one day when I was apparently destined to get good baby room things (I found the toy box on the same day).  It was five bucks.  Seriously!  I think I've talked before about how cheap embroidery is on the second-hand market. When the toddler was a baby, he had to talk about all of these little pictures before he went to bed.

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Ukeleles are toddler-sized guitars.  We bought the orange one and were gifted the red one.  We didn't spend a whole lot on the decor in this room, but one of our big splurges were the two record album frames (one at the head of the bed).  I think the theory was that we'd switch out the albums, but the "Let's Go to the City" one is so great to look at (and terrible to listen to) that we'll probably have it here until we move.

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Every room needs storage and we were fortunate that whoever had lived here before us, had divided the closet up with these shelves.  We took the closet doors off (they're those super weird metal sliding doors with fake wood grain -- and they're everywhere in this place) and gave these a new coat of white when we painted this room for the new baby.  The baskets were another insane splurge.  I really don't remember how much they were, but they hold so much stuff.  Right now it's some baby-nostalgia things, stuffed animals, and out of season clothes.

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The toy box was five bucks too, but I had to work so carefully to get the blue paint clean without scrubbing off the decals.  I made a new, padded lid to replace the broken original.  My mom made these two baby quilts (the top one is an amazing illustrated cross-stitched alphabet) and the night light was a shower gift from some dear friends.

And that's it!

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  1. Sarah

    I have the same embroidered number chart! My mother made it for me in the seventies. I also have a matching alphabet chart. I love that you too are using old embroidered pieces for you child's room!

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