Scrappy Fun Times

English paper piecing, hexies, the velvet aubergine

Though I managed to get a couple of pairs of pants knocked out for KCW, I did not finish my older son's shirt. It's all cut out. . .  somewhere. That's right: I've misplaced the pieces.  Now, I haven't actually looked that hard and I'm sure it's still around, but it's looking like that shirt will really be for spring after all.

One of the places I looked was my scrap bin. I'd done a huge amount of scrap clearing before we moved, but I apparently still have a lot. Once again, I hauled them all out and had a look and wished I was doing something with them. I wanted an ongoing thing - something to cut them up into and work on bit by bit over the months or even years.  A scrap quilt was the obvious answer, but I didn't want to make large blocks. I guessed that it would be a lot of effort and then, ultimately, not look that hot. I wanted small pieces that I could space out with a lot of negative space.

Though I had rejected English paper piecing in the past because I thought it would involve a lot of precision and fiddle-y cutting and sewing, it turns out to be much easier than I imagined and extremely portable and unobtrusive.

Sewers know what I'm saying, right?  Sewing is fast and looks great, but it is not a cozy activity. Sure, you can hand sew anything, but it's generally going to turn out better on the machine. Except in some cases.  And this is totally one of those cases!

If you haven't jumped on the hexagon bandwagon, I highly recommend it. Even with the crazy selection of fabrics I have above, I think the finished flowers are looking pretty fantastic. It's not as hard (or as precise) as you think and it's an excellent handwork alternative to knitting.

I mean, it's obviously going to take freaking forever, but, at the end of it, I hope to put a serious dent in my scraps and make a swell quilt.

(Al pointed that we already have "a lot" of quilts. To this I say that not one of those quilts was made by me. And " a lot'?  We have the bare minimum number of quilts. I already had plans to make a couple of patchwork quilts this winter. I'd no idea that I married someone with such a bizarre attitude to the best kind of blanket in the world. Fortunately, the people living in the house that came directly out of my womb know the score. They'll steal any quilt that isn't already in use by another human -- Ralphie, in particular, likes to lie on one and demand that we "swaddle" him.  And Joey, recently coming to terms with the idea that he's moving out in the foreseeable future (*sniff*!) spent some time pointing out which quilts he plans to take with him.)


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      Don't be afraid! They're really fun to make (and not frightening - I think craftily inclined kids could do these). And yes - duh! - this would make a good tutorial.


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