A Snowy Walk to the Record Show

car free living, record sale

car free living, vintage vinyl, the velvet aubergine

car free living, vintage vinyl, the velvet aubergine

This is - surprisingly - a really great city to live in if you like vinyl. There are a number of independent shops and a few large record sales every year. We bought a record player (like, a new one, not the yard sale bargain we had before) just around the time we moved here and it's been pretty dreamy.

(We have a Rega, if you're in the market.)

I wouldn't say that Al and I are audiophiles or anything. Our collection of vinyl is pretty modest, but we do listen to albums almost every day. We buy the kids records when we see them at thrift shops and brand new ones for gift-giving occasions.

And then there's the big winter record show.  It's held close to the downtown park, which is only a twenty minute walk from here. We left all of the kids to their own devices for the afternoon and trudged it together (it was a mild Sunday, but the sidewalks were a bit slushy and I'm really glad that we didn't have to push the stroller).

car free living, vintage vinyl, the velvet auberginecar free living, vintage vinyl, the velvet aubergine

It was a folksy haul! (Yes, there are three Paul Simon records up there. I recommend that "Live Rhymin'" album if you come across it, by the way.)  It's funny how that happens.  The jazz albums we were interested in were a bit out of our price range.

(I nearly bought an interesting-looking compilation of jazz poets released in the 60s, but it was $25.00, which was nearly half of what we had to spend overall. I was worried I would only listen to it once.)

But I'm delighted by that Phil Ochs album. I'm listening to it right now.  The Odetta record is great too, but Al says there's a tiny skip at the beginning of the second side (I was putting Ralph to bed while he was playing it). It's so hard to tell.  Al is generally great at picking vinyl that will play through, but we've both picked out records that looked like they were in great shape only to discover a skipity part when we get it home.

On the other hand, a few years ago, when Ralph was a tiny baby, we came across a rough looking copy of this Sesame Street classic. I'd been looking for a copy for ages.

roosevelt franklin

It's really scuffed and scratched and - not shockingly - looks like it was some kid's well-loved record that got a lot of play. We were at a thrift store though and it was going for $2.00, so Al bought it. I had almost bought a copy when I was pregnant from an online record store for thirty bucks or something crazy -- plus shipping from the U.S. -- but I recognized that a hormone surge might have had something to do with my intense desire to own it at any cost.

Anyway, that scuffed copy plays through.  Weird!


2 thoughts on “A Snowy Walk to the Record Show

  1. I love this! I remember listening to all my records with my head pressed against our giant speaker. I had an Elvis record that I got for my birthday and it was yellow. I loved it so much. Oh and the Blues Brothers. My sister and I would laugh at that one.
    We loved Paul Simon and Billy Joel (only from the 70's).
    Thanks for taking me back.
    Looks like you found some treasures!

    1. Post author

      I really remember the records from my childhood too -- so much listening on the shag carpet and looking at the cover art. The Mr. Dressup album (beloved Canadian children's entertainer) I got as a little, little kid (about Ralphie's age) was my favourite. Until I too got a Billy Joel album when I got older and cooler.


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