Happy Family Day


A few years ago, Ontario caved and gave us all another statutory holiday (joining BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan). Manitoba has Lois Riel day today and Prince Edward Island has "Islander Day," but the rest of us have "Family Day". As far as I'm concerned, it should be Riel Day all around, but I appreciate that finally, people were like, "we cannot, as a culture, continue to make people suffer through five day weeks from the first of January until Easter weekend. Have you looked out a window? This is Canada!"

By some generous miracle, Al's school takes its winter break next week, so he gets them both. (When I was doing graduate work, when Family Day finally came in - too late for me to get the day through my corporate gig - the university rolled it into reading week. A stingy move!

"Family Day" though!  Why not "winter day!" or "I can't believe, considering how short it is, that it's still goddamned February day!" or "Let's go for pizza tonight because it's half-off Mondays and nothing is open anyway."

That last one is pretty descriptive of our plan.

2 thoughts on “Happy Family Day

  1. I like what you have done with the blog!!
    Our kids have "midwinter break"! We just had winter break, and will have Spring break, but someone somewhere decided we were one break short.
    Lucky for us, though, because both girls now have this terrible stomach bug.


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