How to Choose Sewing Machines for Beginners

sewing machine for beginners

If you’re just learning how to sew, you’ll need to decide which sewing machine to buy. Since sewing machines can vary in price and features, you may wonder which machine is best for a beginner.

Mechanical vs. Computerized

There are some machines on the market that are computerized. These machines offer many options in terms of patterns, stitch size and stitch length. While these features may make your sewing look more professional, they may overwhelm a person who is just learning to sew.

A simple machine may be a better choice since you can learn how to use the machine without all the bells and whistles. Since they are less complicated, they may be easier to use and you can complete most beginner level projects with these machines.

While you have your choice of many different machines, the one you should avoid for right now is a serger. If you decide at a later time that you want to make more professional quality garments and accessories, then you can consider this purchase. However, as a beginner, this machine may be too complex. For a selection of beginner machines, see the page at

Standard vs. Heavy Duty

Before you choose a machine, you should determine which type of material you’ll be sewing. If you only plan on making clothes, then a standard machine should fit your needs. However, if you plan on making bags, coats, or denim clothes, then you should look for a heavy-duty machine.

If you only plan on making one or two items with heavy fabric, then a standard machine may be fine for you. However, sewing heavy-duty material can ruin a standard machine. The additional cost of replacing or repairing your machine can end up being higher than buying a heavy-duty machine, to begin with.

Don’t believe that a standard machine can handle any fabric, as long as you use a heavy-duty or denim needle. While the machine may be able to complete the sewing task, you’ll be putting a strain on the machine’s motor and the fabric may cause a shift in the needle, which can make it difficult to align your needle over time.


The price of the machine is an important consideration. If you’re not sure that you want to continue sewing, you should buy a lower-priced machine. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a machine that you only use once or twice.

There are very inexpensive machines on the market, however, if you continue sewing, these machines will need to quickly be replaced, since they are not great for regular use. If you only want to make occasional sewing projects, then they should be fine.

If you want to sew regularly and begin making your own garments, then you should invest in a high-quality machine. The machine can be a simple heavy-duty machine or a complicated computerized model, as long as it’s made well and can stand up to regular use.

The Best Beginner Machine

The best sewing machine for a beginner depends on the type of fabric they want to sew, the sewing patterns they choose, and the amount they’re willing to pay.