Singer CG590 Review

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What is the Singer CG590?

The Singer CG590 is a commercial grade, professional mechanical sewing machine. This machine enables you to finish projects at a much faster rate, twice the strength, and end up with more professional results. It has a motor that is approximately 60 percent stronger than any other sewing machine.

Singer CG590 ReviewsPlus, this sewing machine has a hook and bobbin system of a horizontal hook with a drop in bobbin, has a low shank, and a bobbin class of 66. Furthermore, this machine produces an amazing 1,100 stitches per minute. This machine is also double insulated. This double insulation protects and eliminates shock by placing a kind of safety barrier in between the sewing machine and the internal electrical parts.

The Singer CG590 sewing machine has a duratec frame that prevents the machine from rusting, suction cups on the base to promote a sterdy and stable machine, all the while sewing at a higher rate of speed. Plus, it comes with a built in handle that allows you to move and carry it whenever you need to with comfort and ease. This sewing machine is a great machine for beginners, professionals, and for everyone in between.


What will the Singer CG590 do for you?

The innovative Singer CG590 commercial grade, professional, mechanical sewing machine allows you to sew all your projects at a faster rate with improved accuracy. Plus, with it being able to produce an outstanding 1,100 stitches per minute, you are able to sew on heavier materials, unlike any other sewing machines.

With its stretch stitching feature, you are able to reinforce all of your seams, as well as increase they’re strength and flexibility. The Singer CG590 commercial grade professional sewing machine allows you to be more creative, improve your performance, and allow you to do more projects that you would not have been able to do before.


With the Singer CG590 it has features and benefits you cannot get with any other machine.

  • Each one comes with a user and owner manual that helps get you familiarized with the machine and all of its features. Also, it teaches you how to use it safely and properly.
  • Has a free arm that is essential for quick and easy access to hard to reach places like cuffs, collars, pant hems, etc.
  • Has a floating bobbin that prevents the machine from jamming the thread, whether it is on fabric or even with nothing at all.
  • Has an electric foot control. This foot control has a control dial on it that has a lower speed no matter how hard you press on it, it will remain at that speed. Also, with an electric foot pedal you will not have any jump starts and allows you to maintain a constant speed that you desire.
  • Has a drop feed, this drop feed does not have any plates or covers on it. You can drop the feed with the drop feed lever and you will have wide range and free motion for doing embroidery, stippling, button attachments, etc.
  • Has an automatic pressure system. You will never have to adjust for different weights or thickness of your fabrics because the pressure system does it automatically.
  • Has 18 various built in stitches with easy to read display. Allowing you to be able to find the exact stitch you are looking for in a matter of seconds.
  • Has a built in finger guard to add further protection during the sewing process.
  • Has amazing four step buttonholes that will provide you with perfect buttonholes every time.
  • Thread does not twist or tangle because it has a horizontal threading system that draws the thread in at a horizontal angle.
  • The ability to check your supply of thread is now easier than ever. The Singer CG590 has a bobbin that drops in from the top so you do not have to remove or adjust a case to do it.

Customer Reviews

Still need more proof of how great it is? Check out these customer reviews from owners of the Singer CG590

” so far I love my sewing machine! I’ve been sewing since I was a teenager and now in my forties, mostly sewing for two young daughters. I’m not a professional but I certainly know how to sew and how to maintain my machines. I received my new cg590 and was a little disappointed with all the plastic parts but, once I started sewing all my cares and concerns vanished. Over the last month I’ve sewn 2 dresses, 2 peasant skirts with yards and yards of fabric, pajamas and have done alterations. I did make a few adjustments to the machine tension and had to refer back to the instructions a few times but other wise the machine performed flawlessly. The stitching was great and I personally found the machine easy to use. Plus I love that the cg590 is not a computer. I want to sew for my girls not be a computer programmer. Overall I’m very very happy with my purchase.” From

” I call this machine my limousine. The color reminds me of a dark limousine and the sewing is a smooth ride. It is fast, strong, tough, and a lot of fun to play with (sew). I would buy this machine again. I whole heartedly recommended this great machine. Best quality with high performance no where will you find another like it. ” from

Here is what you should do next

It is time to get your own Singer CG590 today. No more wasting time, wasting money, and loosing your patience with those poor quality, low grade sewing machines. This particular commercial grade sewing machine has everything you need to complete any project. No matter how big or small.

Plus, you will never find any other sewing machine that has these outstanding features, high speed Motor, or overall durability and strength. It is time you get the best commercial grade professional mechanical sewing machine now and stop putting it off. You will not regret it.